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‘I’m Not a Black Man: Black Lives Matter Is Not Anti-White’

In response to President Donald Trump’s “I’m not a black man” comment, “I Am Not a Negro” rapper P. Diddy tweeted out a video saying “If you want to know the truth about black people, ask a black woman.”

He continued, “Ask a black girl if she’s proud of her blackness.”

Diddy then explained that “the truth about us is that we are not white.

I’m not going to lie to you, but I am not a white person.

I am a black person.

We are not going into a white country and being white and loving each other.

And I’m proud of it.”

He added, “If there’s any truth to the idea that black people are not as strong as white people, then it’s the truth.

Black people don’t need white people to be proud of us.

We’re not going in a white-owned country.

We need black people to come to our own country.”

“I am not going back to the black country,” he said.

“If I am to stay, I’m going to come back to this country.

I know where I’m from.”

On Twitter, P.

Diddy’s account was shut down by Twitter after it was found to be a fake.

“We’re sorry,” P. “Diddy” Laidlaw tweeted.

“Black lives matter, we’ve seen it firsthand, and we don’t want to live in this country anymore.”

In an interview with BET’s BET Awards, Diddy was asked what the best thing about his upcoming album is.

“To be honest, the best song is ‘I Am a Black Person,'” he said, before explaining that he’s a white man, “so that’s what it’s about.”

He then explained, “What we’ve been doing is trying to get people to know each other, to know our lives.

To be honest with you, that’s my biggest thing.

That’s my focus.

I’ve never been one to say, ‘I am a white boy and I’m doing this, but it’s my black boy and he’s doing that.’

That’s never been my approach.”

The rapper also defended his new music, saying, “It’s the story that I’m telling.

It’s not about what you think or what you don’t think, it’s not my narrative.

That ain’t my story.”

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