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China to scrap metals recycling program

China is expected to scrap its metal recycling program in a move that could significantly reduce waste in the country, a government report says.

The Environmental Protection Ministry’s draft Environmental Protection Plan, due next month, says China is aiming to reduce metal recycling by a fifth in 2020.

This will result in a 30% reduction in the total number of recycled metals in 2020, the report said, citing the ministry’s data from the Global Metal Recycling Report 2016.

“Metal recycling programs in China will be greatly reduced,” it said.

While China has already taken steps to reduce its recycling of metals, it hasn’t had the full-blown overhaul that it needs to have an impact on the global metals recycling market, said Christopher Riedl, head of global metals for consultancy PWC.

Metal recycling is a crucial component of China’s recycling efforts, as it will help keep the country’s heavy metals supply chain and its overall economic growth at a high level, he said.

“The country is not just recycling metals, they are also recycling the value added from that metals, which means reducing the pollution, reducing the waste,” Riedle said.

“So the goal is to reduce the environmental impacts of the process, to make it more environmentally friendly and reduce waste.”

China is also pushing to cut its use of heavy-duty trucks and industrial machinery, which accounts for around 50% of the countrys metal recycling, Riedlen said.

The country is also considering a plan to use robots and other automation to cut the cost of metal recycling in order to reduce waste, he added.

China also plans to move away from its outdated, inefficient metal recycling system, Riesl said.

That will be a huge shift for the world’s largest economy, he argued.

“They have a big plan to cut pollution and waste in China.

They are taking steps to do that.

But we think that this is a very difficult transition to make and that they are going to have to really make some hard decisions,” Riesling said.

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