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How to trademark generic on a generic site

3.7K Shares Share Mark Gagne, the co-founder and CEO of, an online shopping site that has been the target of trademark lawsuits, said on Monday that he is taking legal action against several generic trademark defendants.

In a statement, he said the company has filed a complaint in California’s U.S. District Court against a generic-brand trademark for the phrase “one-stop shopping” on Zee’s website, saying Zee is using the term to circumvent an injunction issued by the FTC against a competitor.

“We are taking this action to protect our brands and the legitimate uses of generic and trade names, which have been widely used to provide consumers with easy access to and purchasing choices for their products,” Gagne wrote in the statement.

“In doing so, we intend to show that the use of generic trademarks in generic goods is not protected by the law, and that they are more likely to be used in an unauthorized manner,” he continued.

“This action also provides us with a legal tool to prevent a future case against Zee from becoming moot.”

The FTC said it had filed an injunction against the Zee name in May 2017, which was upheld in October 2018 by the U.N. International Trade Commission.

The FTC has also been involved in a number of trademark cases involving generic-branded websites and products, including a class action suit against the company in the U

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