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Tom Brady’s trademark dispute with Amazon trademark

The NFL’s Tom Brady is in hot water with his trademark lawyers over his use of the term “Tom Brady,” after the NFL and Amazon trademarked it.

Brady is currently facing a trademark infringement lawsuit by Amazon over the use of “Tom,” which he used during the Super Bowl 50 celebrations last year.

The NFL is also seeking to block Amazon from using “Tom” as part of a “Tom the Builder” line of sports apparel.

Amazon has used the trademarked phrase “Tom The Builder” on a number of products, including football helmets, sports jerseys, t-shirts and other products.

Amazon has argued that “TomtheBuilder” is an unlicensed trademark, which means it’s not owned by the NFL.

Brussels, the Belgian capital, is the center of the NFL’s global empire.

The league’s headquarters are located in New York.

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