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How to get a $1.5 million trademark license in China

In a trademark lawsuit filed last month in China, Intellectual Ventures Inc. is asking for a $2.5-million license fee to use a trademark that the company owns in the Chinese market.

China’s Trademark Administration says that registration fees vary by country and state, and in China only apply to registered trademark applications. 

According to the filing, the company had previously applied for a trademark in the U.S. for “electronic and related services” and “software and applications for digital data storage and retrieval,” and had also applied for one in the European Union for “digital storage, retrieval, and transmission.”

The application for the U-shaped mark in China was filed in April 2016. 

The filing says that the application was filed on behalf of Intellectual Ventures by a Chinese company called Duanwu, which is based in China’s Hebei Province.

Duanw, the filing says, has a number of registered trademarks, including one for “software for the design and manufacture of digital media” and another for “computer software.” 

The application for Intellectual Ventures’ trademark application was not filed in China as part of an official Chinese trademark application, but it is similar in content to the Chinese trademark applications filed last year by Apple, Google, and Microsoft. 

In a statement, the Intellectual Ventures filing said the company plans to continue pursuing the application in China.

“We will continue to vigorously defend the rights of the Chinese government in its efforts to protect its own rights and interests, and we will be filing an official application in the coming days,” the company said. 

“We believe this application is a clear infringement of Intellectual’s trademark in China and its potential economic impact,” the filing added. 

It is unclear what exactly the application is about.

The filing says the “U-shaped” mark is used to represent the Chinese character for “Internet,” and the application for trademarks in other countries does not have the U shape. 

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