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How to stop the brookly cloth trademark fraud

Brookly clothes and accessories have been trademarked by a group of people called the Brooklyn Trademark Team, which has filed for trademark protection on the word brook.

The trademark application says the trademark is a representation of the company’s name and is in “good faith and in good repute.”

The Brookley Trademark Association says the name is “not related to any actual brook, or brook-like area.”

Brookle is also a term used by a person or entity to refer to a particular area or region.

It was first registered in 1883 by John B. Brook of Brookly, New York, as a term for a place of business.

The term has since been applied to brooks, ponds, and other water bodies, and has been used as a generic term for “water.”

The trademark has been assigned to Brook & Lee LLC, and its registered agent, is Brook LLP in Brooklyn, New Jersey.

The Brooke Trademark Group, which is based in Washington, D.C., was founded by Brook and other partners in 2012.

Brooke &amp the Lee LLC has filed more than 15,000 applications for trademarks, according to the Brooke trademark group.

The application says that the Brooks Brook Leather, Brook Lace, Brooke Shirt and Brooke Shoes trademark is “an allusion to the brooks” and “a representation of a particular region or area.”

The company has filed at least 15 other trademark applications, including for Brook-owned products such as brookshed and brook skirts.

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