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US Patent Office to release documents related to the ‘Apple iPhone’ lawsuit

US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to release information related to patent infringement case, and to discuss the status of trademark and trademark class 35 in the US, a document seen by Reuters shows.

The USPTO on Monday filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple Inc for using the word “iPhone” in a number of patents, including the one on “smart contact lenses” and the “iPhone 8” phone.

The Apple iPhone is the most-popular iPhone, with more than a quarter of the global market, and the USPTSD filed a lawsuit in January, accusing the iPhone maker of patent infringement and violation of the federal trademark law.

Apple, the world’s biggest smartphone maker, had said earlier this month that it would fight the case, which would also include a claim that Apple infringes on its patent for “navigation and interaction with a device that uses GPS” and other similar patents.

Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were the most popular smartphones in the world last year, and Apple CEO Tim Cook said in October the company would continue to build its business in the mobile market.

The filing comes as USPTA officials prepare to release more than 1.4 million pages of information related of the lawsuit, including information on how the court will interpret the court’s ruling on the patent, the filing showed.

“The US Patent & Trademark office will review and disseminate information related on the pending patent infringement claims and the parties’ claims,” the filing said.

“This filing also addresses the status and potential remedies for the claims in this lawsuit, as well as information regarding the parties” trademark and trademarks.USPTSE has the authority to issue patent infringement orders and dismiss complaints of patent violation and other claims.

The information included in the filing, which does not have an actual date, was sent to lawyers representing Apple.

The filing did not identify any specific lawyer or law firm, but Reuters was able to identify several who are also involved in the case.

The announcement of the documents comes amid mounting scrutiny over Apple’s use of the word iPhone.

Reuters reported earlier this year that Apple was likely to file a counterclaim in a lawsuit against Samsung Electronics Co Ltd over its use of “iPhone”.

Samsung filed a countersuit in June to Apple’s lawsuit.

The court in September granted a preliminary injunction against Samsung’s use, which means it is unlikely to be allowed to continue its legal actions.

Apple was also accused by Apple in March of patent theft in the iPhone case, but the case was later dismissed.

Apple is a key player in the smartphone market, which has generated record revenues for the tech giant.

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