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Microsoft trademark court battles online trademark searches

Microsoft has fought an online trademark search against an online publisher that had registered its name and logo.

The US Federal Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (FTRAB) ruled on Friday that the US company should not have to pay $150,000 (£118,000) for the use of Microsoft’s name and trademarks in the world of games.

“The FTRAB found that Microsoft was not entitled to compensation in the amount of $150 for the unauthorized use of its mark in the unauthorized publication of its name in a news article,” the court wrote in a decision.

The decision comes after Microsoft, which has a huge market share in the digital media sector, has been battling a raft of trademark cases since last year.

The company argued in a lawsuit filed in 2015 that a trademark search in India for the word “Kongregate” could have been carried out by Google.

The search resulted in Microsoft being accused of trademark infringement.

The FTFAB disagreed, noting that the company had never had to pay anything for the name and logos used in any of its games.

In a separate case, Microsoft had been accused of a similar case in Malaysia.

It said it was not an illegal search and had no intention of paying the money.

Microsoft is the biggest company in the online gaming industry with a market share of 25% in the US, 30% in Japan, and more than 40% in Europe.

It has also long had an active and successful trademark search and trademark protection.

In 2017, the FTFab ruled in another trademark infringement case against Microsoft in Europe, saying that Microsoft had infringed a number of trademarks on its games and software in the region.

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