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What is trademark?

Business Insider’s trademark search tool, Cipo, provides an easy way to find the right terms to trademark on your company’s website or business platform.

But you might want to do a little bit more digging to find out if you are using the right words for your brand, and if so, which ones.

Cipo uses the terms trademark and trademark availability to determine the availability of a term.

If you want to find an official term that is not available, you will have to do your own trademark search.

In the Cipos search, you can search for keywords such as trademark,franchise,company,brand,site,service,product,or anything else that has a similar meaning.

If the company’s logo, or website address, is listed, Cypo will suggest the company using that word.

For example, if a brand named Z-Bag has a trademark for their Z-Tote bag, Cymo will not suggest the Z-bag brand, instead showing a search for Z-tote bag.

The service is free and works with a range of websites, including Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, Pinterest, and the Amazon Marketplace.

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