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How to get your own branded ‘Habano’ beer in Italy

A new brand of beer brewed in Italy called ‘Habbano’ has been introduced by a brewer named Habano, but he has refused to sell it to his customers. 

A trademark for the new product has been registered by the brewery, named after its founder, but the Italian Beer Federation (FAB) has refused permission to sell the beer. 

According to the FAB, the beer does not meet the conditions of a brand. 

The federation claims that the new ‘Habsano’ is “not a traditional Habsano beer” and that the beer has not been brewed properly. 

“There is no legal reason to demand the sale of the brand Habsanos beer, which is not an Habsani beer and therefore not a Habsan beer,” said Federico Gazzaniga, director of the Fab. 

‘Habanos’ beer is a collaboration between a Belgian brewery, Gaspa, and the brewer, Habano.

The new product will be made available in Belgium and Spain in a year. 

It has been brewed in collaboration with Habano brewer, Gafsa, but only with the brewery in Spain. 

Habsanos’ new beer is named after the founder of the brewery and his daughter, the brewer said. 

This is the first time that a brand has been licensed by the Fabinato Di Giovanni, a group of companies which includes a brewer, brewer, and producer, and a beer wholesaler, among others. 

At the time of publishing, the brand had not been sold. 

FAB has appealed to the European Court of Justice, which has the power to issue an injunction. 

As of publication, there were no immediate plans for the brewery to respond to the appeal. 

In a statement on its website, the Fabela di Giovanni said that the Fiba della Storia FAB had been approached by the legal department of the Spanish and Spanish-speaking regions of Catalonia and the Basque Country, asking it to give its consent to the sale. 

But this request was denied by the Spanish government. 

On its website and social media accounts, Habanos said it would continue to work with its customers, and that it would “work with the government in this respect”. 

“We have been working with the Fabisa di Trentino and Fabsano di Trentinos to make the new Habanos brand and its distribution.

We are confident of reaching the distribution of the new brand,” the statement read. 

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