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Raiders’ ‘Dollar Bill’ trademark vs. NFL’s $1.25 billion dollar mark

The NFL is the most profitable sports league in the world and the league has taken an enormous amount of money off its books in recent years.

But the NFL is also in the midst of a major lawsuit against the NFL Players Association, which is seeking to reclaim $1 billion in fees from the league and $1,000 per team for a lawsuit against its owners.

The NFLPA’s lawsuit claims the league “sues to collect fees from a variety of players, coaches and teams.”

This year the league paid $9.8 billion in its collective bargaining agreement with the union, the largest ever payout.

The latest lawsuit comes just days after the NFL announced it will award the $1 million “Dollar Bills” to the players.

The league filed the lawsuit in the Northern District of California, where the league’s headquarters is located.

The lawsuit alleges that the NFLPA has taken $1 trillion in revenues from the game since it was formed in 1985, but the NFL believes the NFL and its owners are trying to claim a bigger slice of the pie.

“The NFL is seeking a substantial portion of that $1 Billion,” NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy said in a statement.

“The league and its players have been successful in the past in using the court system to make the League’s claims in this case look like a baseless lawsuit.”

The NFLPA is represented by attorneys from the law firm Covington & Burling.

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