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‘The LEGO Movie’ has trademarked “LEGO”

From Warner Bros. to Disney, the name “LEGOD” is the stuff of sci-fi movies and television shows.

And while it might be the most famous name in pop culture, the trademark has never been formally filed for the videogame game.

But that could soon change, thanks to a trademark filed for “The LEGO® Movie,” which is a title from the upcoming feature film directed by Chris Columbus and starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

In a statement to IGN, Paramount Pictures confirmed the trademark was “for the LEGO®TM Movie.”

While there’s no word on when it will be officially registered, it will mark the first time the name has ever been used in the form of a trademark.

And it won’t be the last.

As we reported last week, Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Warner Bros.’ film studios have all applied for trademark registrations for the “LEGs” brand.

“The name ‘LEGO’ was invented in 1982, and LEGO has been a trademarked term since 1996,” the statement reads.

“Although LEGO has never had an official trademark, we are working to develop a new LEGO brand with the goal of becoming a leader in the design, production, distribution and use of LEGO products in the future.”

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