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How to get your trademark registration approved in India

You can apply for your trademark in India, but if you’re a business that makes products or services in India and you have a website that you want to share, you need to register your trademark first.

This process is called registration and registration is easy.


Go to and register your domain name.

You can find out more about registration here.


Once you have registered your domain, you’ll have to provide details about your business.


If you’re going to publish products in India or sell goods in India you’ll need to apply for the trademark.


If your business does not have a trademark in your country you can still register it under your local trademark registration authority.


Once registered, your domain and website will need to go through a process called registration by submission.

You need to provide information about your brand, business, product or service in the form of a logo, trademark or logo image.

You must also provide details on the website, including your website’s URL and a contact form.


The Registrar of Trademark and Patent Office (ROTP) of India will review your application and decide if it’s eligible for registration.


Once the ROTP has weighed up your application, it will send you a notification with a registration status and a number of steps.


Once your application has been approved, the Registrar of Trade Marks (RMT) of the Registrar will send a notification to your email.

You’ll need a valid email address to receive the notification.


After you’ve received your notification, you can complete the registration process by filling the online form on the RMT website.


If there are any issues with your registration, you will have to return it to the Registrar for a refund.

You have to submit a new registration for the next business day.

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