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How Google’s ‘Google Pizzeria’ got the trademark for pizza

PIZZA PIZZERS trademark pizza.

Google trademark pizza is the name of a pizza joint owned by Google in the US, but it has also been registered in many other countries around the world.

“The Google Pizzerias’ trademarks have been registered globally,” a spokesperson for Google told Fox News in a statement.

But it’s not just pizza, it’s also a pizza restaurant, a delivery service, a pizza delivery service that offers pizza, a website and a pizza-making business.

As Google’s trademark application is pending in the United States, it has yet to be registered elsewhere.

Google PIZZZA, the trademarked name of the pizza joint that Google has claimed in the past, has since been changed to Pizza PIZZI, a Google spokesperson told FoxNews.

The US Pizza Association, the industry’s trade group, has also registered the trademark on the US Pizza logo.

The USPIA, meanwhile, has applied for the same trademark on Pizza Pizza in a bid to protect the brand’s trademark in the world’s largest US market.

Google’s trademark was filed in November, 2013, and is being used on websites that include Google Play, Google Music and Google Maps, according to the USPAA.

Since then, Google has filed dozens of similar trademark applications around the globe, and many of those applications are still pending, a spokesperson said.

A spokesperson for the Google spokesperson said the company was aware of the US trademark application.

“The US Patent and Trademark Office is a federal agency that works to protect our intellectual property and is committed to protecting the rights of our consumers,” the spokesperson said in an email.

However, the US patent office is also aware of Google’s application, and has granted Google’s request for registration.

According to the PTA, the filing was the first in a series of filings that the US Patent Office has received regarding the US PIZIZA trademark.PTA spokeswoman Julie Stokes told Fox that Google’s trademarks have a “global reach.”

“The trademarks are currently being used to identify and protect the worldwide brand,” she said.

“We are working with Google on its international trademark applications.”

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