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Trademark<registered Trademark Symbol Destination When Florida trademarked ‘Emoji’ emoji, it made no sense

When Florida trademarked ‘Emoji’ emoji, it made no sense

The trademark application filed by the Florida Office of Trademark and Patent Administration (OTTPA) to trademark the word emoji and the phrase “electric” is not entirely accurate.

“We are not claiming ownership over the word or phrase ‘electric,'” OTTPA’s website states.

“The Office of the Trademark Administrator does not recognize that the words ‘electric’ or ‘electricity’ have any official legal meaning in the United States.”

“The words ‘electronic device,’ ‘device’ and ‘electronics’ are not trademarked,” OTTPAs website states, but it’s still important to note that “electronic devices” is a generic term for all types of electronic devices, including keyboards, phones, laptops, etc. “Electric” is an acronym for “electric power.”

OTTPs website does not list any other instances of the word “electric.”

But if it were true, that would be an improvement.

The OTTAPA did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider.

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